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Host of Weekly News Magazine MalcolmOutLoud.TV

It’s an up close and personal 360-degree assault. From business to politics, from spirituality to social happenings, Malcolm is set to scrutinize the headlines of the day. With a thirst for the truth, he is leading the charge against the mainstream media and the lame-stream conversation. 

International News and Political Commentator 

Radio and television networks reach to Malcolm on the latest in breaking news, politics, society, business and culture. Malcolm’s opinion is sought after by radio and TV outlets nationwide on a daily basis. Malcolm appears on national shows such as DaybreakUSA on the IRN Network, CNN Radio, The Big Biz Show with Sully, WOW FM, WSYR New York, CJAD Montreal, Fox News Radio and many more. 

Covering the Big Stories on Radio...

Is IRS Profiling Legal? Constitutional? Political?
Supreme Court Okays Warrantless DNA Sampling
The Spread of Islam: with I.Q. al Rassooli...
World Leadership & End of Times... Vassula Ryden
Rev CL Bryant Talks Black America, Gay America & Saving the Republic 

Compelling Interviews and Topics on YouTube Channel

Truth Behind MLK and Civil Rights
Economic Reality Check w/ Harry Dent
Quality Healthcare On The Decline
What Is The Tea Party Movement?
Is there a God? Do we have a soul? Is there life after death? 

Host of the Nationally Syndicated Out Loud Minute

Malcolm's own witty and irreverent sixty second audio take on the news of the day. The Out Loud Minute is broadcast daily on hundreds of radio stations throughout the country and reaches an audience of 16 million + listeners. 

Headlines in 60 seconds

Sexual Assaults Skyrocket In The U.S. Military 
Apple Takes A 'Legal' Bite Out Of Taxes 
GOOGLE: The New Tax Man?
Food In The Future.... From Your 3D Printer? 
Three Qualities of Greatness 

Author: Books, Blogs, Columns, Brink Thinking

Malcolm is the author of two successful international blogs. ItsTimetoGetOutLoud blog is focused on the news of the day. The BrinkThinking blog inspires people to embrace their uniqueness, while educating them with tips and advice in self-improvement. His olympic book “Smash the Competition- The Right Way” has become a guidebook for those who want to challenge the status quo and motivate themselves to be the best they can be. 


In his Brink Thinking Keynote, Malcolm teaches the process of thinking on the Brink. He helps those that yearn for success through the arduous process of elevating their thinking. If you're looking for a speaker that is energetic, unforgettable, inspirational and passionate... then Malcolm is your man! For live samples click here.



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Links Mentioned On Radio

Rancher Cliven Bundy vs. Fed Bureau of Land Management

Russia Will Govern... My Children In Holiness
Vladimir Putin Speech: At The Valdai Club 9/9/2013
Secrets of the Vatican | Frontline
Putin Vows to Defend Christianity Worldwide
United States Bill Of Rights

Advance Your Career Through Disagreement






A Brink Thinker:

Malcolm is a Brink Thinker who adeptly blends the left-brain side of business with his creative right-brain thinking. He launched his first business at eighteen years old. Soon thereafter he found his passion in his ability to influence others in the way they think, act and buy through the world of marketing.

He has been described as a refreshing breath of air in an often stale and overcrowded boardroom filled by those lacking courage or vision. He engages everyone he meets in Brink Thinking. He encourages people to make the leap that sets them apart.



Smash The Competition...
The Right Way

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