The OUT LOUD  Channel™


If you have a story to tell - we will help get you OUT LOUD!

The groundwork is being formed for a Web/TV channel that will transform the lives of millions of people. The Malcolm Out Loud organization is working with industry experts in development of the Out Loud Channel™. Our reach, our message and our enthusiasm are key drivers for this unprecedented project. While some may see this as a loft goal, it is fitting that extending our brand to a full service Web/TV channel is a natural fit. The mission is clear:

Create an environment that encourages open thinking and honesty, while breaking the traditional stagnant model of 'the predictable news and entertainment cycle'. Bring other talented women and men to the forefront, and provide a setting that requires all to get OUT LOUD.

We are experiencing the transformation in how consumers seek information. When a story breaks, who waits to watch the six o’clock news? WebTV reports, online news and commentaries drive and influence public opinion.

What started as a video revolution has evolved into a sophisticated interactive WebTV experience. No longer do people wait around for information and news to come to them, quite the contrary - they go and get the information and the news. The Out Loud Channel will become a full-featured TV experience where people can stay informed on a moments notice while continually improving their lives, their businesses and their future.
We welcome your thoughts, we encourage your participation and we invite you to Get Involved and Get Loud...



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