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Rancher Cliven Bundy vs. Fed Bureau of Land Management

Russia Will Govern... My Children In Holiness
Vladimir Putin Speech: At The Valdai Club 9/9/2013
Secrets of the Vatican | Frontline
Putin Vows to Defend Christianity Worldwide
United States Bill Of Rights

Advance Your Career Through Disagreement

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Heroic and Horrific Acts Define Us

Human nature has both tendencies for heroic and horrific acts, but what defines this? How bad does one have to be to inflict pain and death upon others? As long as a culture or a society accepts an act as normal then it becomes acceptable, but does that make it good? What if society had no concept or definition of right and wrong?

Attacks, mass murders, evil acts… what provokes people and is there more crime in the world today than at any other time? We’ll bring the conversation back to the time of the Centurion named Longinus, and the spear that pierced the side of Christ. Dianne Marshall, author of the new book “The Spear of Destiny” joins Malcolm in a discussion about the eternal struggle between good and evil.

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NASA: Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy 
Since the retirement of the space shuttle program, NASA has had to hitchhike rides on the Russian Soyuz at a cost of $71 million per seat. In light of recent developments in Ukraine, NASA was ordered to suspend most contact with Russia. To which NASA fired back at Congress… we wouldn’t be relying on Russia to fly to the space station if our funding hadn’t been slashed. Out Loud Minute

For those who wish not to get involved in politics.
No worries for politics will get involved with you!
Get Involved & Get Loud or Get Screwed!


Agenda 21 “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out” 
Agenda 21 binds governments around the world to the United Nation’s plan for controlling the way we live, eat, learn, move and communicate. There are more questions than there are answers for this world wide movement my friends, and it is important for every American to understand... Out Loud Minute

Message To America
Little did (or did he) Karl Marx know that his economic and philosophical manuscripts of 1844 would be considered such jewels to those insecure souls that desire to rule America. Nor that it had within it… the seeds to create so many varieties of tyranny. As Americans lose more and more liberties… as government overreach is no longer a hypothetical… Out Loud Minute

"I Can't Help But Weep For America"
...and everyone in it. America is dying and most don't even see it." It was simply happenstance that I saw this Facebook post.... It caught me off guard. I felt the pain of the writer and I had to look further... The writer is an accomplished author, Dianne Marshall. The Out Loud Truth is... it is not "business as usual" in America at this time.  Out Loud Minute

Brute Force By Feds vs. "We The People"
Americans band together from across the country as a militia, in a show of unity against what many are describing..... a tyrannical government! Over 200 Bureau of Land Management vehicles, manned by Corporate hired mercenaries with canines, and snipers, armed to the teeth, were sent to deal with rancher Cliven Bundy in Clark County Nevada. Out Loud Minute

FULL STORY: Rancher Cliven Bundy vs. Fed Bureau of Land Management


GOP Compared To KKK
Racists are still around today, only they're wearing different clothes, states Hall of Famer Hank Aaron. Republican politicians who oppose measures by President Obama are like the Ku Klux Klan. Aaron goes onto say, "The bigger difference is that back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts." Out Loud Minute

Truths About Air Travel Today
Mark Gerchick, former chief counsel of the FAA, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Transportation and Acting Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs knows something about air travel. What will the future of flying look like? Are we relying too much on automated navigational systems? How are airline mergers impacting the industry? Radio: Mark Gerchick

The Biggest Threat to U.S. Service Women? Sexual Assualt.
A servicewoman was nearly 180 times more likely to have become a victim of military sexual assault in the past year than to have died while deployed during the last 11 years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. One in three service women have been sexually assaulted! Out Loud Minute

75 Percent Politicians Corrupted By...
There was a time when being a public servant was an honorable profession. A time when Americans served... to honor their country, not a career, but a sense of duty. According to a new national Reason-Rupe poll... 75 percent of all politicians are “corrupted” by campaign donations and lobbyists. Out Loud Minute

How Is Your Tax Payment Spent? 
According to Gallup, 52 percent of Americans say that the taxes they are paying are too high. How does the federal government waste/spend all the money it takes in.... you ask? Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other health care consumed 49 percent of all federal spending. These programs, and interest on the debt, are on track to… Out Loud Minute

Social Media Snooping Saves Life
A mother sees comments from two male teenagers on Facebook threatening to come to the school and shoot her son… so she acts on it. Police officers searched the school area and found the teens in a car with a gun, ammo, drugs, and lots of cash, ready to confront their intended target after school. The question is… Is it acceptable to read your child's social media comments… Out Loud Minute


God Had It All Thought Out!
Did you ever wonder why mankind is the only member of the animal kingdom that has to raise their offspring well into the teenage years and beyond? We are all born in the same way, naked and without knowledge, even without the abilit`y to take a drink of water on our own. And then, there is God’s other creation, you know his animal kingdom.  Out Loud Minute

The Shame Of The Church
Pope Francis has called for the formation of the "Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors" whose aim will be the prevention of further abuse and the healing of thousands of victims. Even more telling is his selection of lay people including a victim of abuse as the core members of the committee. Out Loud Minute

The Greatest Life Ever Lived
Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, producers of the groundbreaking successful miniseries “The Bible”now bring us the big screen adaptation of the life of Jesus Christ… the “Son of God.” Experience it yourself – win 4 tickets to see “Son of God” at a movie theater near you. Go to our Facebook page… Out Loud Minute

Listening To God’s Message
Vassula Ryden Speaks on Church Unification and the Holy Land Pilgrimage. A Coming Together of Christian Leaders and Believers. What is at Stake and How Can We Unify The Church? Discussion on the True Life In God 9th Ecumenical Pilgrimage in Israel. Watch MOL TV


The Intersection of Medicine and Spirituality
The intersection of medicine and spirituality is the focus of Dr. Stephen J. Iacoboni book entitled “The Undying Soul – A Cancer Doctor’s Journey”. “We have a soul that is eternal, given to us by God and returned to God upon death” states Dr. Iacoboni. A 30 year veteran in the battle against cancer. Watch MOL TV





Money Causes Cancer
“Cancer is not genetic,” states Dr Lorraine Day. Doctors are taught to 1 - give drugs 2 - cut off your body parts or take out your organs. No matter what your position, we can all agree that Big Business and Big Pharma have the money and they’re controlling the conversation!! The numbers are staggering!! Radio: Dr. Lorraine Day

The "Morning After" & Obamacare is Still a Nightmare
Now the bad news: Your doctor if she/he even accepts Obamacare may be so confused with the 68,105 new medical codes... that you could actually be poisoned. One very interesting ICD Medical Code for Obamacare caught my eye. Are you ready for this? Out Loud Minute

The Strangest Part of Obamacare...
First my disclaimer: This message is not just for democrats or republicans, it is for all Americans. Forget the fact that the President spent all his political capital. Forget the fact there were serious, and I mean serious arm twisting in the final hours of the bill being passed. Forget the fact that nobody read the bill. What I find most… Out Loud Minute



The Recovery That Never Came. Middle Class Decimated!
The percentage of Americans who say they're middle class fell another 8 points in just five years. 55 percent of Americans see themselves as middle class. More people now think "it's harder to achieve" the American dream than thought so several decades ago… Out Loud Minute

GM Neglect and Ignorance Kills 13 People
General Motors learned that the faulty switch could cause the engine to cut off in traffic as early as 2001, disabling the power steering, power brakes and air bags, making it difficult to control the vehicle. Since February, GM has recalled 2.6 million cars. They knew that customers were being seriously injured and killed. Out Loud Minute

Corporate Welfare Payments Flow To BIG Business
Corporate-welfare payments from the federal government to Fortune 100 companies, totaled more than $1.2 trillion. BIG BUSINESS AMERICA has come to regard government as a giant customer because they are among its chief beneficiaries, states the... Out Loud Minute

Keep the Internet American
What will the internet look like 25 years from now? It's a question worth asking... especially after the news announcing that the U.S. government will give up control over the internet next year! The one time when most Americans would argue for government oversight.... Out Loud Minute


Putin. United Nations. Agenda 21.
It is no secret that Russia’s President Putin despises the New World Order agenda 21. Agenda 21 is the United Nations’ 21st Century PLAN for a “New World Order” through GLOBAL GOVERNANCE. Agenda 21 is the road map and plan to inventory and control every aspect of human activity. Radio: Dianne Marshall Author and Political Commentator

"Russia Is A Gas Station, Masquerading As A Country"
Ukraine's new government called it a "circus" directed at gunpoint by Moscow. The hostile takeover and Russian invasion of the Crimean region of Ukraine has come to a boiling point! An overwhelming 96 percent + of Crimeans voted as further aggression was on display over the weekend when Russian forces... Out Loud Minute

Ukraine & America’s Military: Lt Col Bill Cowan
What is the long term consequence of Putin taking the Ukraine? Cowan shares his thoughts on how we got here, and where we need to go! The defense budget cuts have sent a message to the world… the timing could not have been worse! Radio: Lt Col Bill Cowan

Studying Putin's Body.... Language
Pentagon researchers characterized Putin's body language as indicating he was "risk averse, stuck in place and time" as well as being "extremely sensitive to criticism". The Pentagon has analyzed leaders like North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, even Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Out Loud Minute


World's 50 Greatest Leaders
50 of the world's greatest leaders included: Ford CEO Mulally, Warren Buffett, U2's Bono, Bill Clinton, Chancellor Angela Merkel, General Joe Dunford, and the Dalai Lama... "In an era that feels starved for leadership, we've found men and women who will inspire you -- some famous, others little known… Out Loud Minute

9 Leadership Lessons From Maggie
Mrs. Thatcher told the Liverpool Daily Post in 1974 that she did not think a woman would serve as party leader or prime minister during her lifetime. Much to the chagrin of the establishment, Maggie proved herself wrong. There are many lessons to take forth from the Prime Minister… Read #BrinkThinking

Leadership: The Honorable Pam Iorio
Although leadership is certainly a form of power, it is not demarcated by power over people – rather, it is a power with people that exists as a reciprocal relationship between a leader and his/her followers. Iorio believes that the ability to lead is within most people, but... Watch #BrinkThinking

Three Marks of a Champion
Winners are made, not born. We’ve seen the champion overcome great obstacles in life. Less than perfect surroundings, a troubled childhood, bad luck, no breaks; for many the list can be quite extensive. Yet they’re still able to hone their skills and develop leadership traits that position them to win. Turning adversity in… Read #BrinkThinking


Benghazi Betrayal
Special Forces Colonel James Williamson, Co-Founder OPSEC and Frederick Rustmann, CIA Senior Intelligence - “No jets were scrambled. We didn’t even try,” stated Rustmann. Whatever happened to “We got your back?” Radio: Col Williamson & Rustmann


Benghazi: What Are Our Leaders Hiding? Here Are 5 Theories
The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence issued a bipartisan report which concluded the attacks were preventable. Malcolm shares FIVE real world scenarios as to what really happened in Benghazi. Watch MOL TV


Lois Loser Pleads 5th Again!
Lois (Loser) Lerner, the former director of exempt organizations at the IRS, is at the center of the IRS scandal. The Out Loud Truth is... history always seems to repeat itself regardless whether the criminals are on the left, right, or center. Most concerning is the arrogance of those... Out Loud Minute



Israel Cannot Depend On The U.S.
Remarks from the Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon surprised many... "Israel cannot depend on the U.S. to lead any action against Iran's nuclear program and can only rely on itself." The defense minister went on to say... the U.S. began negotiations with Iran and Iran gained the upper hand in the talks. "Weakness certainly does not pay in the world," he said. Out Loud Minute

Brute Force Does Not A Democracy Make, Egypt!
Egypt, a country in transition?! Or a country transitioning back to its former self? A court in Egypt convicts 529 supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi and sentenced them to death. The al-Sisi military led-government can not rewrite the rules when they don't like the results... Out Loud Minute

Weakening America’s Military INTENTIONAL?
Why is the Commander In Chief intentionally weakening America’s defense? Why are those closest to the administration not speaking OUT LOUD about the severe cuts to military spending? Why are military benefits being slashed for our military heroes and their families? Radio: Col Williamson & Col Waurishuk

Europe Asks For The U.S. Energy Revolution
Lithuania's energy minister pleads for U.S. assistance, saying his country is "100 percent" dependent on Russia for natural gas. Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have also made formal requests to the United States Congress to increase U.S. exports to Europe. Lawmakers from… Out Loud Minute

Al-Qaida Plots To Terrorize Americans With Car Bombs
...they even go as far as suggesting times and targets - as described in the Spring issue of its magazine un-rightfully called Inspire. The article suggests terrorists aim for places that are heavily populated like Chicago, LA, NY and DC, and target sporting events, popular restaurants, festivals, and travel hubs. Out Loud Minute



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Economic Freedom Report Slams U.S. (with the truth)
Okay so I've got good news and I've got bad news.... which would you like first? Let me start with the good news - worldwide economic freedom has reached record levels! 114 countries took steps in 2013 to increase their citizens’ economic freedom, and 43 countries have now reached their highest ranking in the Index’s history. Now the bad news - the United States is not even in the top 10. How does this happen you ask? Read more-WITH AUDIO

5 Life Book Lessons
One of the greatest difficulties in life is recognizing when certain chapters are ending and navigating an appropriate transition to the next chapter. The lesson here is that your life book is going to be written with or without you! I'm reminded of the stories of people who are dying who feel that they have too much left to do. They are not prepared for the final chapter of their life book. It seems to me that most of us can never truly be prepared for the last page! Here are my 5 Life Book Lessons... Read more-WITH AUDIO







500th Out Loud Minute | Thank You Radio!

Friends… today we've reached a milestone in RADIO with the 500th Nationally Syndicated Out Loud Minute. A big thank you to radio for broadcasting the Out Loud Minute to listeners throughout these last two years. My goal has been to bring you an exceptional moment of truth and knowledge every day of the week.   

As President Ronald Reagan once said, "America is a model and hope to the world." The question becomes... Is America the exception to the global rule?  

Read more-WITH AUDIO

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"The trend you can see in our society is if you are pro-life, then you're anti-woman,"
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Dr. Ben Carson at a town hall meeting entitled "Religion in America." 4/2014

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Be Like The Birdman

Throughout history man has continually been fascinated with the ‘art of flight’. At one point or another many of us have dreamed about flying. Some of the jumpers say it is like nothing else they have ever experienced. Jumping is often described as ‘living in the present moment’ and...

“What kind of man would live
where there is no dying?”



Battling The War On Christianity! 

Controversy is what sells. The media needs that controversy and the fact that this all fits nicely into their wider agenda, isn’t a bad thing either. Peace and harmony where everyone gets along is simply not going to sell magazines and television shows. Americans know and understand that what makes America great is our...

The fact that we all don’t think the same,
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Empower The Trouble Makers! 

 Organizations need people that are willing to risk conflict and disagreement in the moment, for the long term gain of the organization are required. A team of opposite-minded professionals who will discuss, dispute and dissolve old trends… all to create an organization that stands well above a sea of average.


You can tell a great deal more about a potential candidate from the questions they don’t ask!



Nye/Ham Debate Spurs Response From A 10 Year Old

 Can you remember back to when you were just 10 years old? What was your understanding of the world and did you share it with others or keep it to yourself? When is the last time you asked your child any news worthy question?


 I posed a few questions to Logan after he watched the debate. His answers are most interesting.



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